Join Us For Giving Tuesday Now

Join Us For Giving Tuesday Now

Friday, May 1, 2020

Dear Friends and Supporters,


We are still here. 


There is so much anxiety about the future right now for all of us. We need to weigh decisions about how to protect ourselves, even as we strive to get our basic needs met. This can be scary and stressful. 


It’s even harder when you have multiple children at home who you been entrusted to care for and you are not able to meet their needs.


Floyd is a single man in his 70's. His wife died a couple of years ago. De'laria and Deshawn are his grand kids. A couple of months ago they came to live with Floyd when his daughter was no longer able to care for them due to a substance abuse issue. Floyd has been making it work... he is committed to providing for his grand babies, but Floyd is over 70, he's trying to negotiate getting everyone's needs met while staying well himself. He is navigating new technology for De'laria and Deshawn so that they can continue to learn at home and he needs just a little help. Things that are normally so simple to get: toilet paper, cleaning supplies, rice.


Families are already dealing with the effects of the serious trauma our children have and now are navigating new challenges both financially and logistically. 


Tuesday, May 5th is "Giving Tuesday Now" - a global response to a global pandemic - and we hope you will join us to help kids locally.


Together, We Bring Awareness:

  • Share a short video, a picture* or a couple of sentences on social media about why you believe in children. Tag us at @herotoachild.
  • Share a short video, a picture* or a couple of sentences on social media about how you've worked with us to get a child's need met. Tag us at @herotoachild.
  • Paint a rock and hide it somewhere -- put or on the back.
  • Make Chalk Art on your sidewalk and use the phrase "Together, We ______ (fill in the blank)! @herotoachild" Post a picture of your art and tag us on social media.

Together, We Help Children Thrive:

Together, We Can Make A Difference.


Join us on May 5th, as we join the world, for Giving Tuesday Now. 


Together, We Change Our Community.




We remain grateful for all you do. For those of you who are struggling due to economic uncertainty, social isolation, or challenges with getting your own needs met… Please feel free to read our resources newsletters on our COVID-19 page. These are chock full of resources for all people in our community all in one place.


Please stay healthy, safe, and stay in touch. We appreciate all you are doing and we remain here to support our children and families! Together, We Are Stronger.



All of us at Guardian ad Litem Foundation of Tampa Bay