Helping Hands Program

What is the Helping Hands Program?

The Helping Hands Program is a way to help relative & non-relative caregivers and foster parents who, due to limited financial resources and/or physical or time limitations are experiencing challenges with their home projects.  Helping Hands projects can include assistance with landscaping, painting, yard cleanups, putting together furniture, organizing closets/pantries, etc. 

All work will be completed by volunteers and must be work that can be done with limited expertise.


Who is Eligible to apply?

Caregivers of children who have been removed from their home. 

Child Advocacy Managers, Volunteer Child Advocates or Case Managers on behalf of a caregiver – please confirm project needs, details and willingness to participate prior to application (and include contact information for the caregiver so that we can be in touch with them directly.)


How to Apply?

Please submit the application to have project considered.  A staff or volunteer of the Guardian ad Litem Foundation of Tampa Bay will contact you once your application is received to to arrange a conversation and/or site visit to gather additional information on the scope of work that needs to be completed.

If/when a project matches a volunteer request the project will then be organized and completed. You, or a representative you appoint, will be asked to communicate with the staff or volunteer assigned and will be required to be on site during project completion.


Project Ideas:

  • Basic Yard Work
  • Painting A Room
  • Organizing Closets/Pantry
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Putting Together Furniture
  • Rearranging A Space
  • Help filling out the FAFSA or post-secondary education application



How do we apply to have a project considered?  It's simple.  Fill out our application online, please be as complete and accurate as you can to help us find the perfect volunteers for YOUR project. 

How long will it take to process my application and get volunteers to come and do the project?  This will vary by project request.  Projects that require 3 or more people, for 2 or more hours will be given priority at first as we establish the program.  

Who will decide if my project gets chosen?  All decisions concerning applicants, recipients and projects are at the discretion of the Guardian ad Litem Foundaion of Tampa Bay and our volunteer partners.  There is no guarantee that any applicant or recipient will be accepted or project be completed.

If the project requires extra funding to complete, will you provide that as well?  We will consider projects that will have a need to purchase supplies on a case by case basis and as our budget allows.  There is no guarantee that we will be able to provide the supplies that volunteers need to be able to do the task required.  

Who will be doing the work?  We will be working with both corporate partners and individuals.  

What we really need is respite, is this able to be provided?  We hope to be able to provide respite soon but due to the needs of having a Level 2 background check, we are not there yet.  Stay tuned!

Do you have a question not addressed here?  Please contact Tawnee Walling at (727) 464-6528 or