Holiday Magic For Children In Care

The holidays should be a special time for every child,

and each year the Guardian ad Litem Foundation of Tampa Bay organizes a holiday gift drive to meet this need.

Children are chosen by their volunteer Guardians based on the economic need of the family.



THANKSGIVING TURKEY/HAM GIFT CARDS -- Please fill out this form if your child's family needs a bit of extra help in the form of a Publix giftcard to purchase a turkey or ham this Thanksgiving. This program is offered through a very generous donation of one of our Guardian ad Litem Volunteers! 





PASCO COUNTY HOLIDAY GIFT FORM - Please fill out this form if you are a GAL in Pasco County. 

DUE DATE:  OCTOBER 24, 2018 



PINELLAS COUNTY HOLIDAY GIFT FORM - Please fill out this form if you are a GAL in Pinellas County. 




Frequently Asked Questions

Who should fill out the form? The form should be filled out by the GAL visiting the child as it has questions that can not be answered by the CAM for the GAL.  If a courtesy visitor is the one who filled out the form, the courtesy visitor should let the assigned GAL know that they have made a request to avoid duplication.

My child wants a phone, do you provide them at the holidays?  No, we do not provide phones.

My child wants a very expensive item, can I request it?  Most of our donors are very generous and spend between $125 - $200/child.  Please keep that in mind when submitting your list.

What about a bike?  Yes, bikes are something that many of our donors are willing to purchase.  You will need to know the size of the bike in order to complete the form, so make sure you get that information prior to filling out the request. 

My child only wants gift cards, can I request them?  You can request a gift card, but please know that donors prefer to give gifts rather than gift cards, so we can never guarantee that we will have a gift card available for your child.  

My child is placed with a relative caregiver who has a child of her own and struggling to make ends meet.  Can I submit the caregivers child as well?  Yes.  We recognize many children in care are placed along with their siblings with a family member or non-relative caregiver who may not be financially capable to care for additional members of the household.

Why do we have to fill this out so early?  It's not even Halloween!  The fall is a busy time for everyone and our donors need enough time to shop for our children. Many of our donors are providing gifts for multiple children, some as many as 250!  That can take time to purchase all those gifts and arrange for them to be given out to our GALS to gift to our children.